September 9, 2012

The Beginning...

Throughout college I had several professors encourage our class to write every day, “as it is the only means to being a ‘great’ writer.  Well, I am not even a “good” writer, so I suppose I should practice. It actually works out pretty nicely too because I’ve had a few people tell me I ought to keep a blog while I’m down here in Tulsa… so, here is a blog.

Well, I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I graduated from Spring Arbor University in May and moved here in August to attend Rhema Bible Training College (RBTC). I’m a 21-year-old girl living 815 miles away from home so I can go to Bible school, whaaaaa?

I’ve been down here for a week, so I will try to give you the highlights of the week.

After a 14-hour car ride by myself we arrived Friday night. My mom, sister and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday moving in, rearranging and organizing. I am SO thankful for my mom and sister. I would have been a lost little puppy if they hadn’t helped me ease into the transition of being on my own.

Now that I’m a college grad, I’ve got to start paying for things. And by things, I mean, like, everything: housing, food, tuition, internet, student loans etc. The gravy train has dried up. El-sha-daddy (the endearing name we’ve given my dad) has pulled the plug and set me free. The idea of paying for everything was nerve-racking at first but it’s been a great opportunity to exercise my faith! Thankfully, I serve a God who supplies ALL my needs and I know that if I’m faithful to Him, He’ll be faithful to me. If I wasn’t a believer and didn’t know that God had my back I’d probably be freaking out a bit more.

Thankfully I have a roommate to help ease the transition. I’m living with Morgan, a strawberry blonde beauty from my church in MI, who’s already drawn the attention of quite a few guys. She is great and it has been so nice having a “partner in crime.” I mean that literally too, one night this week we were at a social gathering of sorts, and found an iphone lying on the ground.  We thought it would be funny to take a picture of ourselves and set it as the background…so we did. Whoops.. J I’m excited for the many adventures we will have this year!

We live in an apartment building across the street from Rhema (called Student Housing) so I can walk to class, church, etc. And then anything else I need is seriously a 5-minute drive.  SCORE! For you Kalamazoo people, it’s like the best of Westenedge, West Main, Gull Road, and Downtown Kalamazoo all on one street. Incredible!

Overall, I’m LOVING Tulsa. The only thing I’m not digging so far is the heat. It’s been at least 102 degrees every day, which is just a tad bit too hot. All you ever want to do is be inside, but I hear it should be cooling off soon.

Now, the best part of this Tulsarusalem is the fact that every night there is an opportunity to grow, by way of a church service, a prayer meeting, or social event. I am never lacking an opportunity to be fed the Word of God.  And it’s wild, because being fed the Word of God makes me even hungrier for the Word.  The best part is that classes haven’t even started since we’re still in orientation week! I can’t imagine how much better it will be once classes start! Eeeek!

I’m most excited for this season of life because I just want to soak up the Word. I love learning and I truly love the Bible. I’m just so jacked up! I know that I suck apart from Him and I’ve realized how dependent I am on Him. I know that He has a LOT of work to do in me and I’m ready for that. I’m ready for my roots to grow deeper and deeper.

The next two years will be exciting, no doubt!

Before I forget: boys.  Ha, the main question I get from family and friends is about what cute guys I’ve met. Well, I ain’t lying, I’ve seen a few cuties walking ‘round and I don’t mind it... But, that’s not why I’m here. My number one focus is on my relationship with God. I’ve screwed up enough times to realize that I don’t want anything to jeopardize what God wants to do in and through me. He’s got it figured out and I’ll just sit back and let God be the matchmaker. But I also ain’t saying that I’m not scoping the potentials. ;) I’d say I’d keep you posted, but I won’t…

Until next time….

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  1. Annie!!! Love your blog, love your humor and love you! Super excited for you and this season! The man of your dreams is right under your nose ;)